ElbPhilharmonie, Hamburg, 2017
Takemitsu Memorial Hall, Tokyo, 2017
Marienkirche, Rotterdam, 2015
Tehillim in Tokyo, 2017
Steve Reich and Colin Currie
Music for 18 Musicians in 2013
Music for 18, from above!
Epic pulse handover, Colin to Adam
Pendulum Music, RFH, 2013
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 2013
Concertgebouw, for our 2013 gig
Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, 2013
Drumming in Glasgow, 2010
Drumming in Glasgow, 2010
Music for 18, in Glasgow
Music for Pieces of Wood
Marimbas in action, Drumming
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Here are a few images from some memorable Colin Currie Group concerts over the last eleven years.